We’re excited to premiere “Never,” the silky new song from San Francisco duo Moxxy Jones. The track is their second single of the year, following the March release of “Leave the Room,” and sees the synth-pop wizards showcasing their enormous sonic diversity. While their first offering was funky, bright, and upbeat, Moxxy Jones extends their wingspan on “Never” in order to explore some darker territory. Here, they incorporate elements of industrial, R&B, electro-pop, and blues, in addition to some decidedly darker synth-pop and vaporwave elements into their eclectic sound. Featuring vocals from Trent Park, the song rests on a moody groove, and lyrically, explores themes of identity and self-worth. Of particular note, the song climaxes with a super noodly, Prince-like guitar riff that connects to its final comedown.

Frank, who is one half of the duo, shared the following on the track’s sonic production:

‘Never’ combines lots of textures that we don’t often see put together – industrial synths, funk bass, and a harmonic structure that is both simple at points and full of movement in others. I think the ‘ah-ha’ moment came when we figured out how the puzzle fit together – both structurally as to the song parts (verse, chorus, bridge, breakdown) and the different standout performances (Trent Park on vocals, Uriah Duffy on bass, and the very curated production).

Milan, the other half of the duo, also shared a bit about the song’s narrative arc and the inspiration behind it:

To me, the song is about never letting anyone tell you who you are, what you’re worth or what you’re capable of. No one can stop you from fighting to be yourself. In setting the mood for the song, I drew upon a childhood memory of staying up to watch Miami Vice with my dad. Think late at night in Miami while the neon lights reflect off the water, cruising on a very expensive speedboat, wind blowing through your hair, the tunes are cranked.

The band also shared a video for the track, which you can stream below!

“Never” will appear on Moxxy Jones’ forthcoming album Unnoticed, which is set for release on October 21st, 2022 in Dolby Atmos

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