Set to drop October 21st, 2022 in Dolby Atmos, Moxxy Jones’s debut synth-pop album, Unnoticed. Long-time San Francisco friends – keyboard player, Frank, and guitar player, Milan – share their latest collection of work that showcases the signature style and sound that sets this skillful songwriting and production team apart. A sound that’s untraditional, unexpected yet familiar, modern, energetic yet dark, and that has boundless sonic range paired with classical elements, catchy melodies/hooks, driven beats, juxtaposed lyrics, and layered harmonic underpinnings. Through sound, Unnoticed dives into the exploration of the juxtaposed duality of the human experience allows fans to ride the wide sonic rollercoaster of emotions, sit comfortably in discomfort, see beauty in brokenness, and experience harmony and dissonance all at once.

Today Moxxy Jones has dropped the single “Leave The Room.” The track leads the release radar with its distinctive interplay of surprising elements of synth-pop, vapor wave, r&b, and rock, all intertwined with a progressive 70s dance vibe. At a quick listen, this song mixes familiar themes with custom sounds, a memorable vocal line, and a very accessible-yet-novel production style.  Compared to the rest of the album, this sexy, catchy, funky, playful, spontaneous, dancy track is intensely visual lyrically and most sonically straightforward; a mashup of live organic instrumentation and modern machine sounds that provide interesting layers for a textured soundscape. “I want someone listening to this song to immediately visualize a time where they were so into someone they didn’t need to go anywhere to be fully happy,” says Frank. This well-matched collaboration features the smooth, soulful, R&B vocals of singer/songwriter Trent Park, Los Angeles, CA, anchored by the dynamic musical structure laid out by Moxxy Jones (keyboards, Frank, San Francisco, CA, and guitar, keyboards, programming, Milan, Portland, OR), and world-renowned bassist, Uriah Duffy (of Goaplé, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Fantastic Negrito), Oakland, CA.

In witnessing Moxxy Jones’ creative process, it becomes instantly clear that there was an honest yet relentless push and pull at play to create the best of what was needed for the song. “The genesis of this track started when I was listening to some guitar- and synth-driven pop/rock from the early 2000s (Justin Timberlake, Moby, Daft Punk). This got me inspired to take a basic song structure and add some jazz chords that seemed to provide the right amount of movement and tension into an otherwise straight-forward progression. I wrote that on a baby grand, and then presented it to Milan. We then built on this musical base and quickly started playing with different sounds and rhythms, added several hooks, and finally resolved the song into a chorus that is both familiar and entirely new. Then, when Trent got his hands on it and wrote the vocals, we knew it was perfect. The most fun part of this writing process came after the vocals were layered on top, because we then could find new and interesting ways to further complement the vocal melody with additional melodic hooks, harmonies, and other flourishes,” Frank shared. Milan added, “With any song, artists say that you need to let it go where it wants to go. However, that’s only partially true. You really need to challenge a song on where it wants to go to make sure that it really wants to go there. Editing, trying new sounds, deconstructing are all parts of making sure its journey is the one it’s supposed to be on. For Leave the Room,’ the biggest challenge was balancing creative sonics without losing the vibe the song had from the beginning. After taking several experimental detours, Leave the Room’ ultimately found its way back home to something more stripped down and raw.”

In order for Moxxy Jones to achieve their production vision, GRAMMY®-recognized producer, Starita, was brought onto the project. Starita is well recognized for his unique genre blending style incorporating electronic elements blended with live instrumentation that stems from his deep roots in electronic, dance,  ambient, and classical music; resulting in a lush yet complex soundscape. “My role as producer was to elevate the vibe of the song. We wanted something that wasn’t so predictable but very accessible. What most excited me was their openness to the exploration of sounds. There was a lot of work on a computer programming the electronic elements but we also spent some good time in the big studios working on vocals and guitars. With this particular song, it was clear that it was a dance tune. So, there had to be a solid groove which was accomplished by the drums and Uriah’s bass playing. It also had to have interesting, fun, and modern sounds which I accomplished through analog synths and some sound design. Given its synth pop sensibility, I knew a main focus for production would be the vocals. Therefore, Trent Park’s smooth and soulful vocal was perfect on this tune.  And of course, Frank is excellent at writing background melodies. As a result, the vocal production really vibed with the tune,” Starita recalls.

“After listening to the opening track on this album, we hope listeners will remember it long after it’s ended; visualizing a special moment in their life where the passion was so electric that they didn’t need to go anywhere to be fully happy. It’s in these primal desires that mark our unique human experiences,” says Moxxy Jones.

Moxxy Jones Drops New Single ”Leave The Room”