For music connoisseurs of 80s, 90s pop music with organic instrumentation, Moxxy Jones and singer Isabelle come forth with a track that showcases creative range, modern productions, and signature style.

‘Another Yesterday’ maintains many of the same elements of the other songs on the album – clear perspective, accessible melodies, layering of digital and organic sounds, and subtle harmonies.

The catchy melodies, singable, immediate hooks and understated harmonies, draws us back into the nostalgia of the iconic 80s, 90s pop era.

However, Isabelle’s stunningly strong vocals — a mezzo soprano (A2-E6), with a soulful deep register and piercing high belt — change the game.

R&B/funk guitars, industrial guitars, ambient synth progressions and pulsing bass pepper the track for a nuanced ode to versatile genres.

Isabelle shares: “‘Another Yesterday’ is diving into the nostalgia of what once was so good, and having hope for its return. It is about fighting for a once in a lifetime love, even if it means having to find it all over again and rebuild better than before; no matter how long it takes, because you know it’s worth it.”