San Francisco duo Moxxy Jones team up with vocalist and songwriter Isabelle on “Another Yesterday,” the fourth single to be taken from their debut album Unnoticed. Rooted in the synth-pop sounds that stretch across the whole body of work, this latest offering strikes a delicate balance between being energetic and dark.

Led by a nostalgic message reminiscing for something that was good and hoping for its return, Isabelle’s powerful yet soulful vocal delivery elevates the free-flowing sonics of the track.

With lyrics that capture the heartache of lost love as well as the perseverance to fight to bring that same boundless love back into our lives, the romantic number is a reminder that some things are really worth fighting for.

Long-time friends Frank and Milan bring their smooth instrumentation of keyboards and guitars with the familiar genre-blended touch of GRAMMY-recognized producer Starita, who they’ve worked with before.

A love-infused and melodic glimpse of what’s to come from Moxxy Jones, “Another Yesterday,” showcases their dichotomous musicality, bringing both familiarity and unfamiliarity, as well as intimacy and expansiveness together.

Moxxy Jones reminisces on a love lost on “Another Yesterday”

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