Moxxy Jones delivery modern rock anthem “Change My Mind”

San Francisco and Portland-based independent duo Moxxy Jones offers a glimpse of their upcoming debut synth-pop album Unnoticed with “Change My Mind,”  which sees them swerve away from their signature synth-pop by infusing modern rock twist.

Rooted in their duo’s well-honed skill of offering unique takes on traditional genres, the track is energetic yet haunting with an industrial and rock foundation of intense synths, versatile guitar and percussion layers.  The anthemic number is bolstered by the powerhouse vocals of singer-songwriter and vocalist Isabelle,who’s soaring style  makes for a perfect collaborator for the freeform project.

Comprised of Milan on guitars and Frank on keyboard, Moxxy Jones have developed an artistry that’s stocked full of dichotomy, weaving something that’s familiar yet fresh.

With their previous releases having been received warmly, the pair evoke confidence and freeing sense of empowerment within us with their latest offering as they continue to showcase their versatility.

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Moxxy Jones delivery modern rock anthem “Change My Mind”